Friday, 26 September 2014

ZA True White Day Protector SPF 26

Hey Dolls!

Za is a Japanese brand (sister brand of Sheseido) which has recently launched some of its skin care lines here in India. I have been using a couple of their skincare products and today I am gonna review this True White Day Protector which comes with an SPF 26 PA++ which retails at Rs 799/-

This day cream comes with Vitamin C & E along with some minerals that are beneficial for the skin. As the name suggests it is a skin brightening cream that comes with sun protection.

It has a medium consistency, neither too thick nor too runny. Its a pure white cream that blends easily on the skin leaving it slightly glowy but not at all greasy looking. I like using it on my combination skin as it is definitely lightweight and provides just about enough moisture, nothing too excess.

However this may leave a slight white-cast on darker skin tones due to its brightening effects. I have also noticed a slight white-cast especially during flash photography.

This is a decent affordable moisturiser for the day time that comes with an SPF and doesn't clog pores. However I don't see myself repurchasing this one as it is nothing remarkable.


Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Anti-Chip Top Coat : Review

Hey Dolls!

I am not a huge nail-polish kinda girl and hate it when they start chipping in a day or two making my nails look like a hot mess! I am utterly lazy and it just annoys me having to go through the whole process of removing - applying - waiting for it to dry - re-applying and so on.

Sally Hansen's Insta-Dri Anti-Chip top coat is the only reason my nails have been blessed with some polish lately. This does practically everything its name suggests! It dries super fast within a minute or two and really really prevents my nail paint from chipping for a week and longer sometimes.

Not only that, this top coat applies/spreads on my nails so smoothly, doesnt shrink the nail paint at all (a con with most top coats), and it leaves a super shiny/glossy looking finish. The formula is not too thin nor too thick, just perfect.

The only problem with this, as is with most polishes, is that the formula tends to thicken over time. However it is nothing that cant be fixed with a polish thinner/remover.

Highly recommend this to all of you who love a good long lasting nail color that looks glossy and fresh for days ^_^


Friday, 19 September 2014

MAC Fix+ : Review

Hey Dolls!

Today I have MAC Fix+, a skin refresher / finishing mist, to review for you.

MAC describes this as a "soothing moisture mist that refreshes the skin and finishes makeup.
The bottle is to be held 12" away from face and then sprayed evenly. It can be used before or after makeup. As you can see below, Fix+ is composed of mostly water and glycerine, chamomile, caffeine etc which are good sources of anti-oxidants for the skin. 

Fix+ comes in a sleek pearlescent white see-through bottle with a black spray lid that has a twist mechanism as you can see below.
The spray it comes with is just so good for letting out a super fine mist of the product preventing over or uneven spraying. The packaging is also sturdy enough with no leakage and so great to carry it around in the purse or while travelling. Love it!

As for the product itself, it looks and feels exactly like water but has a light refreshing scent. Fix+ can be used in a lot of ways!
I love spraying it on right after cleansing my face and before starting with my regular skincare products. I feel it acts as a lovely hydrating toner and gives me a nice fresh feeling.

I also love spraying it onto my eyeshadow brushes while applying loose pigments. It really holds up the product well and makes it last for so much longer on my eye lids.

While using it for setting makeup, if you get a little too much on your face it becomes really sticky and makes you look like a grease ball! It makes the face shiny and greasy.

The only technique that works for me is spraying about 2 pumps from very very far, so as to only feel a very light airy mist settle on my face. I feel using this technique after applying makeup really intensifies the makeup and makes it ever so vibrant. It just brings together the whole look and makes your makeup pop! So I could call this an after makeup primer. However I havent noticed if it does make my makeup last longer as I normally wear long lasting makeup!

This is also a knight in shining armour during times I tend to over-powder my face. Just 2 sprays from afar helps take away that powdery look.

All in all this is a great multi-tasking product! Before purchasing this I had never imagined I would ever need this product ever. However now it has earned a place right on top of my dresser as I reach out to it so often. This has become a beauty staple for over a year now ^_^


Thursday, 18 September 2014

BareMinerals Original Mineral Veil : Review & Swatches

Hey Dolls!

BareMinerals Original Mineral Veil is a loose finishing face powder. It is described as the "ultimate, translucent finishing touch to your makeup which melts into your skin, infusing it with softness and light, giving the look you see with a soft focus camera lens."

It comes housed in a plastic jar that has a twist-around mechanism through which the powder can be dispensed onto the lid. 
This original version of Mineral Veil appears to be light pink in color but is actually translucent on application which makes it suitable for all skin tones. It is super finely milled and extremely soft to touch. 

Why I really love this powder is because it not only does a great job in absorbing excess oil, but at the same time it is not harsh like many other finishing powders that tend to rip off all the glow from my face. In other words, this powder absorbs oil from my face in a very gentle manner retaining the natural glow of my face. It leaves a matte finish but is not at all drying and stays put for a long time before I feel the need to touch up.

 It is so sheer that you really cant feel you have something on but it definitely has pore-minimising and soft-focus effects on your skin making it look flawless. It is very lightweight and doesn't clog pores. This powder would be suitable even for those with sensitive or acne-prone skin. For those with dry skin there is a hydrating version of Mineral Veil.

Mineral Veil retails for $21 and is also available in Illuminating, Tinted and Hydrating versions.


Benefit Hoola : Swatches and Review

Hey Dolls!

Though a bit late, I finally managed to jump into the Benefit Hoola bandwagon and now I can definitely see why this bronzer has been so popular and raved about :)

This guy comes in a typical Benefit cardboard box along with a mirror and a brush. Normally I never use the brushes that come with blushes or bronzers as they are mostly shitty. However this brush is flat, narrow, soft and picks up the product really well. I love how it fits right under the hollows making it a nice brush for contouring. 

Hoola is a finely milled, matte bronzer with a neutral medium brown shade. It is very finely milled which makes it blend like a dream without looking patchy. It is matte which is exactly how I prefer my everyday bronzers and it is a neutral medium brown which makes it almost a universal shade. 

This bronzer would work easily for pale, light to medium skin tones. It has no orange hues to it and is the most natural looking bronzer I have tried. Absolutely wonderful as an everyday bronzer and is totally buildable for a more defined look as well. 
The only issue with Hoola is the moolah! Yes, this baby retails for $28 which is quite pricey for a bronzer I must say. But a little definitely goes a long way and this is also very long lasting.

Hoola is also available here at Sephora, Delhi. 

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