Friday, 18 April 2014

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge | Product Rave

Hey Dolls!

Say Hello to my current Holy Grail foundation applicator, the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge! This lil guy here turns all my foundations and BB creams into my second skin, a flawless and glowy one at that. The finish got me thinking, "What took me so long in trying this out?!" 
My good old foundation brushes have been out on a long long vacay ever since I got this sponge. Its addictive I tell you! All you need to do is wet it, squeeze out excess water and apply foundation with it using dabbing motions, no rubbing required.

The Miracle Face sponge comes for a mere $6.00 and its available at iHerb. I've used this religiously for about a month now and I wash it after every use, cuz sponges can really develop bacteria if not kept clean, and its still in good shape. Just make sure to be very gentle while cleaning it. 
All in all, its super cheap, gives an out-of-this-world finish, and is extremely gentle on all skins. What more could you ask for? A definite repurchase :)


Thursday, 17 April 2014

How To Apply Liquid Foundation Using Fingers, Brushes, and a Sponge | Video Tutorial

Hey Dolls!

Here's an indepth video tutorial where I share every possible technique of applying liquid foundation. I have used my fingers, a normal foundation brush, a buffing brush, a stippling brush, and a sponge. These different techniques provide different levels of coverage and finish, from sheer to full and natural to airbrushed effects. These are the techniques I myself use to apply liquid foundation depending on the coverage or finish I want on that particular day.
This tutorial was highly requested by many of my friends and cousins who are total beginners in makeup, blame it all on me :D So I hope this video turns out to be helpful to all the newbies out there!


Monday, 14 April 2014

Etude House Play Color Eyes in So Chic Play

Hey Dolls!

Happiness knew no bounds when I won this crazy cute Etude House Play Color Eyes eyeshadow palette in So Chic Play from the very cute Shayoni herself! I've been a big fan of several Etude House skincare products (see my reviews HERE!) but have surprisingly never tried any of their makeup products other than their BB creams. This is my first eyeshadow experience from Etude House and I am quite happy with it. 

This palette comes in a pink card-box packaging. So Chic Play along with another palette called So Hot Play are limited edition palettes. 

The palette is housed in a super sleek and sturdy, therefore travel-friendly, brown case that looks way compact for holding 10 decently sized eyeshadow pans and two dual ended sponge applicators in there! Very practical and no unnecessary space. The palette consists of 5 matte and 5 shimmery eyeshadows that are variant enough to create a few different looks. 

There are 10 eyeshadows in this palette namely- 
Coco Brown- a matte medium brown
Clutch Brown- a bronze shimmer
Pop Champagne- a champagne shimmer
French Kiss- a matte baby pink
Misty Rose- a matte pastel-purple
Diva- a matte burgundy
Glam Forest- a light green shimmer
Midnight star- a lead colored shimmer
Sparkling Wine- a light wine colored shimmer
Leopard Brown- a matte dark brown 

The shadows are decently pigmented. The two matte colors namely French Kiss and Misty rose which look extremely light in the pan, actually took me by surprise as they intensified on my lids to a great extent and look more vibrant than they appear on the pan! Have a look :) 

L-R: Coco Brown; Clutch Brown; Pop Champagne; French Kiss; Misty Rose; Diva

The matte eyeshadows are all nicely pigmented but can be pretty tightly pressed in order to be picked up by the brush easily. You need to put some effort and try stroking your brush in the opposite direction which is what I do to allow more product onto the brush. The shimmery eyeshadows look gorgeous in the pan and I was expecting it to have a flake-like effect on the lids but they turned out to be normal shimmery eyeshadows, but nevertheless beautiful :) These shimmery eyeshadows are also nicely pigmented which is great! They do have some shimmer fall-out though.

L-R: Glam Forest; Midnight Star; Sparkling Wine; Leopard Brown

These eyeshadows last for about 4 hours after which it starts fading, though a good primer might allow it to stay for longer on the lids. I am quite happy with this Etude House So Chic Play eyeyshadow palette and am looking forward to trying out more of their eyeshadows in the future :)


Saturday, 12 April 2014

Stila Holiday Essentials Kit + Makeup Tutorial

Hey Dolls!

This Stila Holiday Essentials Kit has probably been one of the best kits I've purchased this holiday. I got this from the new Sephora here in Delhi at Vasant Kunj. For a mere 1100/- bucks this kit is such a steal!

The Stila Stay All Day Liquid Eyeliner is a felt tip liner that has a jet black liquid consistency that dries up pretty soon. The tip is amazing as the liquid flows flawlessly without the need to shake it. This is definitely by far my favorite liquid liner as it stays put until you wash it off with a makeup remover. Even if you rub it or wash with water it doesnt budge. For example after swatching this on my arm and forgetting about it, after 2 days while in the shower I noticed it was still there in tact! This stuff is awesome ^_^

Stila's liquid lipstick in Beso is a GORGEOUS cool toned red lipstick that comes in a liquid, rather light creamy consistency. It feels like very light whipped cream and is sooo pigmented! The color just bursts on the lips! One swipe is more than enough. Once applied, it dries up quickly to a matte finish which I love. Though it is matte its not at all drying. This stuff lasts on the lips for more than 5-6 hours in its full intensity after which it fades but only slightly and diesnt make much of a difference really. This lipstick is also one of the only lipstick that doesnt transfer. So eating or drinking is not a problem with this ^_^

Stila Kitten eyeshadow is a light beige shimmery eyeshadow that imparts a lovely sheen sans glitter. This works wonderfully as a highlight and I use this not only on my eyes but also on the bridge of my nose, the top of my cheeks and my cupid's bow.

Here's a swatch of all the three products: 

L-R: Stay All Day Liquid Eyeliner, Beso, Kitten

Here's a Get Ready With Me video where I have mostly used this Stila kit for my makeup:


Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Collagen by Watsons: Moisturising and Whitening Facial Mask

Hey Dolls!

I was recently gifted a few of the Collagen sheet masks by Watson from a dear cousin who totally feels my love for everything beauty related :) So far I had only tried Korean sheet masks so was pretty surprised to see that even Watsons had them. However these are made in Hong Kong.

Collagen moisturising and whitening facial mask consists of natural deep-sea fish collagen from Germany, Matrixyl Peptide, Hydrolysed Elastin and Vitamin E as the four key ingredients which are well known for enhancing replenishing, rejuvenating, brightening and anti-ageing properties. It also contains Hyalironic acid , Vitamin 83 and Tremella Fucitormis extract known to deeply hydrate and nourish the skin. 

Having been a huge fan of the Korean sheet masks, I was kind of skeptical about these but I must say that this mask does wonders for my skin! It is indeed quite comparable to the Face Shop and Innisfree masks if not better as it has a lot more essence than the others. This mask contains 30ml essence, while most Korean masks contain 20 ml, which is awesome! The sheet is totally drenched with rich thick essence (exactly how I like it) and theres more left in the packet which I drain out and use all over my arms and legs :)

This mask fits my face really well except for a small bit of my forehead that doesnt get covered, but this is normal as I have a pretty big forehead if you havent noticed already >_<
The Watsons Collagen mask is quite amazing and just one use is enough to see visible difference. I use this instead of my regular night skincare products once in a while. After cleansing my face I apply the mask and leave it on for about 25-30 minutes untill the sheet has turned slightly dry (like in the picture above), after which I massage my face with fingertips gently till the essence has totally seeped into the skin. Every morning after using this mask, my skin feels super plump, hydrated and nourished. It also definitely feels brighter rather than white which is what I prefer. This mask is surely one of the best sheet masks I've tried. 

Have any of you tired these sheet masks by Watsons?

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